Harper Lee was not for Me

Ok, she finally died at 89!   She was apparently a one-hit wonder and a Southern gothic recluse whose one literary friend was Truman Capote – at least for awhile.

I don’t think we need to fall all over ourselves praising TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.  It was fine, it was a good piece of Southern life, but in the end it was kind of middle of the road schmaltz.

All the pictures of Harper Lee suggest that she was a closed off, tight assed woman.  Perhaps she was gay, but probably never ever “out”.

There is just something about the Harper Lee/Mockingbird cult that doesn’t sit well with me.  We can congratulate ourselves for thinking that she (and by extension the reader) are pushing the envelope in race relations.  But really, are we?

GO SET A WATCHMAN was a mess and never should have seen the light of day.  Who and what went on with this poor woman late in her life?

There is a very sad book about Harper Lee waiting to be written.  Alas, Truman has passed on.

Just saying.


One thought on “Harper Lee was not for Me

  1. I liked Mockingbird, but I always found it odd she never wrote anything else. Tough to be a southern woman and a smart southern woman at that. I’m sorry she’ll be remembered for Watchman. It dilutes her legacy. If she’d still had her druthers about her, it would never have seen light of day, no matter what they offered her. The whole sleazy situation speaks to the present sorry state of the publishing industry and that she apparently had no one trustworthy near her at the end of her life.


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